How does Stellar Home work?

Stellar Home is an online platform that connects individuals with trusted, independent home service professionals. We offer home cleaning and lawn mowing services.

To become a Stellar Home service professional just follow three simple steps.

It should only take you a few moments and clicks to complete your application with Stellar Home.

  1. Register Online Sign Up Now
  2. Receive and Complete Service Bookings
  3. Get Paid

Why should I work with Stellar Home?

  • Make good money
  • Fully flexible. You can choose when you want to work and how much
  • Easy payments, we pay our service professionals weekly
  • Gain access to new customers and jobs
  • Simple, free of charge registration process
  • Incentivizing programs and bonuses to our best service professionals
  • Join the Stellar Home Community full of service professionals

How to become a service professional with Stellar Home?

It is easy to apply to be a Stellar Home Professional. You can apply at Or just Click Here.

I am a service professional, how do I register with Stellar Home?

  1. Please register online by completing our Registration Sign Up Form
  2. Upload the required documents: License, Registered ABN Number, Public Liability Insurance and a friendly picture
  3. We will be in touch with you shortly and arrange an interview
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with all the details and the welcome pack
  5. All you need is to set your availability and start receiving bookings and earning good money

How do I get paid?

Stellar Home will direct deposit your earnings into your bank account as soon as the job is complete. Stellar Home will take care of bookings (management) and invoicing.

What documents do I need to become a service professional?

Please read through the list below for the necessary document we will request of you. If you do not know how to get these documents or do not have them right now, do not worry the Stellar Team can help you. Simply email us at

At minimum, Stellar Home requires:

Hummingbird House

Hummingbird House, Queensland's only children's hospice, provides respite and care at the end of life for Queensland kids with life-limiting conditions, and their families. Hummingbird House is a place where kids can be kids, families can reconnect, and precious memories can be created.