Lulu Pillow

A bunch of FFXIV-related stuff I try making.

Message Lulu Pillow@Adamantoise or Pillowfication#0538 with questions or comments.

Bozjan Southern Front

Interactive map for the Bozjan Southern Front.

Chocobo Color

Calculator for changing your chocobo’s color.

High or Low

Calculator for the guessing game “High or Low” played against Tista-Bie in Eulmore.

Mini Cactpot

Calculator for the Mini Cactpot lottery.

Name Generator

FFXIV random name generator for all the races.

Ocean Fishing

Schedule for upcoming ocean fishing voyages with information on blue fish, achievements, and more.


Schedule for weather in Eorzea and forecaster for upcoming weather patterns.

Wondrous Tails

Calculator for the Wondrous Tails mini-game.


Interactive map for Zadnor.